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Tankless Hot Water Systems Provide Instant Hot Water?
How Do Tankless Hot Water Systems Provide Instant Hot Water?

Tankless or on-demand water heaters instantly heat water instead of storing hot water in a tank, allowing continuous hot water when needed. Cold water flows through a heat exchanger that rapidly heats the water before sending it to taps. They heat water only when required so are energy-efficient.

Clogged Dishwasher Emergency?
Is a Clogged Dishwasher an Emergency?

A clogged dishwasher that won’t drain properly isn’t an emergency, but can cause problems over time. Signs include dirty dishes, foul odours, water overflow and loud noises. Call Dulwich Hill Plumbing to unclog your dishwasher drain before permanent damage occurs.

Essential Plumbing Tips Homeowners
Essential Plumbing Tips for Homeowners

Homeowners should follow key preventative plumbing measures like regularly checking for leaks, avoiding pouring grease down drains, using drain screens, inspecting pipes, and maintaining water pressure. Contact Dulwich Hill Plumbing for additional plumbing advice or service needs.

Landlords Gas Fitting Safety?
What Should Landlords Know About Gas Fitting Safety?

By law, landlords must arrange annual gas safety checks on rental properties by licensed gas fitters. This covers servicing appliances, testing for leaks and providing certification. As a landlord you are responsible for ongoing gas fitting maintenance to ensure the safety of your tenants.

Fixing Hot Water System Drain Valve Issues
Fixing Hot Water System Drain Valve Issues

If your hot water system is experiencing problems with the drain valve, it likely needs repair or replacement. We can show you the proper way to isolate the water supply, empty the tank through the drain valve, replace any broken parts, and get your hot water running properly again.

Unblock Drain Plunger
Unblock A Drain With A Plunger

A plunger is often the easiest way to try and unblock a blocked drain yourself before calling a plumber. Place the plunger over the drain and plunge up and down to dislodge the blockage through suction. Call Dulwich Hill Plumbing if you need assistance unblocking a persistent drain blockage.

Emergency Plumbing Technology Outlook
Emergency Plumbing Technology Outlook

The future outlook for emergency plumbing technology is bright. As technology continues advancing, emergency plumbers can provide faster diagnosis and more reliable repairs during crises. Contact Dulwich Hill Plumbing for affordable 24/7 emergency plumbing services.

10 Signs Sewer Line Blocked
10 Signs Your Sewer Line Is Blocked

A blocked sewer line can cause foul smells, overflowing water, gurgling noises, and recurring clogs across multiple fixtures. Signs include slow drains, water backing up, the toilet bubbling, and more. Our Dulwich Hill plumbing experts can diagnose a blocked sewer fast.

Fix calcium buildup pipe relining
Fix calcium buildup with pipe relining

Pipe relining is an effective trenchless method to remove calcium deposits and mineral buildup causing clogs or leaks, without full pipe replacement. Our pipe relining service takes just hours without the mess of digging. Contact Dulwich Hill Plumbing today for a fast solution to fix calcium in your pipes.

Hot Water System Installation Cost
Hot Water System Installation Cost

Installing a new hot water system costs $200-$600 on average. Prices vary based on the type of system - electric, gas, solar or heat pump. Get a quick no-obligation quote on your hot water installation online and compare costs.

Retrofit Hot Water System
Retrofit Your Hot Water System

Replacing an old, inefficient electric or gas hot water system with a new energy efficient heat pump model can significantly reduce your energy bills and carbon footprint. Take advantage of available rebates and incentives. Contact us for advice on the best system for your home and family’s needs.

Pipe Relining Heritage Buildings
Pipe Relining For Heritage Buildings

Heritage buildings require specialized plumbing services. Pipe relining allows repair of old pipes without demolition, protecting heritage status. Our trenchless pipe relining is a fast, non-invasive solution lasting 50+ years. Contact Dulwich Hill Plumbing now for reliable service without disruption.

Blocked Drains Relate Septic Issues
How Blocked Drains Relate to Septic Issues

Blocked drains are a common sign of septic tank failure. When solids build up and clog the tank, sewage can back up pipes causing foul odours, flooded toilets, and soggy ground around the drainage area. Call a professional plumber if you notice these issues for diagnosis and repair.

Gas Line Pressure Testing?
What is Gas Line Pressure Testing?

Gas line pressure testing is the process of pressurizing a gas line to check for leaks or issues. Professional plumbers use specialized equipment to test gas line pressure for safety.

Prepare Hot Water System Winter
Prepare Hot Water System For Winter

As temperatures drop in winter, prepare your hot water system by checking insulation, draining sediment, adjusting thermostat, testing valves and preventing pipe damage for reliable hot water supply.

Find Trustworthy Emergency Plumber
How To Find A Trustworthy Emergency Plumber

In an emergency plumbing situation, you need a reliable and qualified plumber who responds quickly. Check licenses, insurance, reviews and availability when selecting.

blocked drains?
What causes blocked drains?

Hair, grease, food waste, tree roots and debris are the most common reasons that drains become blocked. Preventing blockages relies on being aware of these causes and modifying behaviour such as using drain strainers, avoiding pouring fats down the sink, regular drain maintenance.

Dripping Tap Emergency?
Is a Dripping Tap an Emergency?

A dripping tap seems like a small issue, but it can waste thousands of litres of water annually, increasing your bills. Get affordable leaking tap repairs from our Sydney plumber to stop water damage and wastage.

Long term pipe relining cost analysis
Long term pipe relining cost analysis

Pipe relining is a proven, long-lasting drain repair technology that starts from around $400 per metre. As a cost-effective alternative to pipe replacement, get a comprehensive long term pipe relining cost analysis from our licensed Dulwich Hill plumbing specialists to suit your budget.

’ involved gas meter upgrade?
What’s involved in a gas meter upgrade?

Upgrading an old or insufficient gas meter ensures your home gets the required gas supply. Our licensed gas fitters provide prompt, professional gas meter upgrades to ensure adequate supply and safety.

Troubleshoot & Fix Water Heater Issues
How to Troubleshoot & Fix Water Heater Issues

Having hot water heater problems? Troubleshoot issues like no hot water, smelly water, noisy system or leaking tank. Check power supply, heating elements, thermostat and pressure relief valve. Identify and fix common electric and gas water heater faults. Call a plumber if needed to restore hot water.

install hot water system?
Where should I install my hot water system?

When installing a hot water system, the ideal location is in a well-ventilated spot close to hot water outlets like kitchen, bathroom and laundry. An expert plumber can ensure proper placement for efficiency and safety. Contact Dulwich Hill Plumbing to discuss your hot water installation.

Relight Gas Water Heater Pilot
How To Relight My Gas Water Heater Pilot

If the pilot light on your gas water heater goes out, locate the access panel, turn the gas knob to 'pilot’ and use the electronic ignitor or hold a flame to the pilot hole to relight it. For professional assistance relighting your water heater pilot light, call the experts at Dulwich Hill Plumbing.

Difference Pipe Patching & Relining
The Difference Between Pipe Patching & Relining

Pipe relining involves lining the entire length of a pipe to repair cracks and leaks. Pipe patching focuses only on a small damaged section. Both methods avoid digging up pipes for replacement. Get details on pipe patching vs relining to determine the best plumbing repair option for your home.

4 Signs Blocked Drain
4 Signs Of A Blocked Drain

The most common signs of a blocked drain are foul smells coming from drains, gurgling noises when water goes down, overflowing water in sinks or baths, and slow draining water taking much longer to empty. If you notice any of these issues, contact a plumber to diagnose a blocked drain.

Safe Drinking Water Pipe Relining
Get Safe Drinking Water with Pipe Relining

Pipe relining is a trenchless method to repair damaged pipes from the inside out, using a durable epoxy resin. It prevents leaks, restores water flow, and ensures safe drinking water without digging or pipe replacement.

responsibility unblock drains tenant?
Is it my responsibility to unblock drains as a tenant?

As a tenant you’re legally responsible for unblocking drains you or guests have blocked through misuse. This includes putting unsuitable things down drains. For other drainage issues, contact your landlord promptly. Our Dulwich Hill experts can help urgent blocked drain situations quickly.

Septic Tank Pumping?
Septic Tank Needs Pumping?

Foul odors, standing water, slow drains, and sewage backups are signs your septic tank is full and needs pumping immediately. Call a professional right away if you notice these issues to avoid damage and backups.

Unclog Drains Blocked Pet Fur Easily
Unclog Drains Blocked By Pet Fur Easily

Pet fur going down the drain is a common cause of clogged pipes. Regular drain maintenance and hair catchers can help prevent pet fur buildup. Our professional drain cleaning service can clear any pet fur clogs quickly.

gas regulator faulty
How to know if your gas regulator is faulty

A faulty gas regulator may show weak flames, unusual sounds, or gas smells. It’s crucial to replace it to prevent dangerous gas leaks or appliance issues.

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