What are Black Specks in The Water?

In almost each and every time, you will expect that whenever you turn on your tap you will get clear water without any sort of clumsiness at all. For certain times of the conditions, you are not likely to get the result in the same manner that you have actually expected but it actually doesn’t mean that you cannot cure the same thing. There are various different things that you can easily do for the same. Certain times when you are actually seeing clear water from your tap, it is actually not crystal clear that the water is also free of any sort of contaminants. 

There are various different microscopic contaminants that are actually present in the water. They can be acutely dangerous for the health of any of the people or even different animals. At a certain time, they actually lead to various different water-borne diseases. So if you are actually neglecting them all there is actually a cautionary call here. You need to be quite strict regarding the same.

Black Specks in The Water
Black Specks in The Water

What are The Different Causes of Black Specks?

There are actually very different reasons why different black specks can occur in your water. In certain cases, you need to be quite strict for the same and try to block all those processes which are likely to provide you this thing. Here are some of the things which can contribute to black specks in your water.

  1. Contamination of Rubber –

    Actually, the complete drainage system generally uses various different materials which are specifically composed of rubber. Certain times they get decomposed over time and their little contaminants get in the water. You may also likely feel rubbery when you actually feel those black spots over their fingers.
    The process is quite easy to handle. You just need to find out which portion of the rubber and which material is actually getting decayed over time. After the same just replacing it can be quite effectively helpful for you.
  2. Decomposition of Supplying Pipes –

    The complete drainage system is actually a large complex procedure of connection of various different forms of pipes. If we actually do have an older system in your home then the condition becomes quite acute for you. At various different times, the pipes get corroded over time and leave different black specks of corrosion into the water supply.
    If corroded pipes are actually leaving their sediments in your water supply then it is actually quite an acute situation. You need to be quite fast regarding the same. The same condition can also occur in the water heater and it may also leave black specks in your water.


If you are actually seeing black specks in your water then you need to be quite fast to take actions against the same. Such contaminants can effectively be harmful to the health of all the people who actually consume the same water. It actually becomes your obligation to take certain steps regarding the same.

If you are not able to find out the real problem which is actually contributing to the same you can hire Plumber Dulwich Hill experts for this process. But if you are neglecting it for a very long time then it makes it quite dangerous for the complete drainage system and also for the health of the people who actually consume the water.